I had a really busy day at work today.

2 meetings and lots of admin to catch up on. I enjoy being busy at work, I really work much better at a faster pace. Is anyone else the same? Maybe it’s the way my brain works, slow pace does not suit me! For lunch I had brought some leftovers but needed a little afternoon pick me up.

I popped to whole foods at lunch and had to get my hands on a ‘Naturally Sassy Brownie’. These are my new favourite snack when your on the go. There are lots of flavours and they really keep your gum satisfied until dinner time.

Having left work a little later and a distinct chill in the air, I need a simple quick fix for dinner. I purchased In style magazine and decided I would retreat on the sofa with something tasty to aid me. This was exactly what I did!

Seeing as I had my delicious multi-seed loaf, I pondered making some bruschetta. However, as I had a ripe papaya to use I thought I would combine this with some proscuitto and olive oil drizzled crostini.

Just like the winning combo of melon and ham, these two go hand in hand. The perfumed addition of basil adds another level of flavour which works wonderfully.

These would make great canapés but also hit the spot for a simple snack like dinner.


  • 1 x papaya
  • 6 or 8 slices of multi seed loaf (other paleo or non paleo bread could be used)
  • 6 x chopped basil leaves
  • 6 x fine slices of proscuitto
  • Extra virgin olive oil


Finely slice your bread into thin slices and drizzle with olive oil. Place under the grill to crisp and golden on each side.


Finely dice the basil and chop the papaya and mix the two together.


Place the proscuitto onto the crostini with the papaya and basil on top.


Pop into you mouth and enjoy!

Yum Yum.



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  2. All the breads you use in your recipes always look so good to eat !! That sounds like a fresh dish 🙂

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