Deciding to squeeze in 2 weeks in Vietnam into my travels through South East Asia was a great decision. I hadn’t researched at all but decided to ask around in hostels for the best places and things to see and do.

With just two weeks, my time was limited.

I arrived in Ho Chi Minh formally known as Saigon was a passing visit and I was glad. Being surrounded by beaches I have lost the ability to cope with hectic city life.

From Ho Chi Minh, I flew direct to Hoi An.

The day I flew l, we were held at the airport as Obama was visiting. Sadly I didn’t see him but just felt the effects of all the delayed planes. Thanks Pal!

I had been told about Hoi An but was not expecting to love it quite so much. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous architecture and streets laden with colorful lanterns. It was so magical by day and night.

Hoi Ain - Vietnam .jpg



Awesome hostel with great pool. Use of bicycles means you can easily access the town but are also super close to the beach. Clean and comfortable rooms with super cheap prices at around £5.50 a night! Breakfast also included, sadly not the coffee but you can look past that.



Each town seems to have a local dish and in Hoi An the specialty is ‘ Cau Lau’. A delicious bowl of noodles with all spice, pork, pork crackling and leafy greens including mint and lemon basil. It was so delicious, I had it for lunch and dinner most days knowing I couldn’t get it elsewhere. The Cau Lau at the hostel is delicious but we discovered this magical roof top setting which serves an equally delicious Cau Lau;


Definitely visit at night for a lantern lit wonderland.

Lanterns in Hoi An - Vietnam.jpg


You will find an abundance of street food available, try everything! It’s so reasonable and deliciously fresh which was a welcome change from the sugar filled foods I had tasted previously in Malaysia.



Vietnam offers some of the best coffee I have ever tasted! In main town of Hoi An you can sip away and watch the world go by.

Coffee in Hoi An.jpg




There are lots of cooking classes you can take here but I decided to participate in one at ‘My Grandmothers Cooking School’.You will be pleased to here, I did meet the Grandmother, she is not just a novelty. We worth the money at around £20. It was a highlight of my trip. Here she is sifting some rice husks. Read more here.





Explore the streets and magic of Hoi An on bicycle. In the main town the streets are closed for cars and scooters for a few hours to pedestrianise which means it’s easy to get around.

There is so much to see in this beautiful place, I ended up staying 4 days of my two weeks in Vietnam.

hoi an street art.jpg


Having left my job in fashion, the novelty of having clothes made wasn’t something I was that excited about. However,shoes, definitely was. I had two pairs of sandals made which came to about £30.00. One particularly good rip off of a certain designer. Whoops!


The markets and shops are filled with lots of gift ideas, from clothing to homewares and beautiful lanterns. You can pick up a bargain but they do strike a harder bargain than some places in Asia.



I am sure you will love Hoi An as much as I did, the lantern filled streets make it unbelievably enchanting!







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