Kuala Lumpur

First stop on my travels was the central hub of Kuala Lumpur.

I only had two nights in KL and stayed at the Back Home Hostel. I would highly recommend, it is super modern and has all the home comforts you would possibly need. The staff are amazing and super friendly and helpful, they also run an awesome food tour which was probably the best part of my stay here.


I visited the Central Market & Petaling Street Flea market which had a variety of fake goods on offer and also some delicious fresh fruit smoothie stalls, sadly it was just too hot for me to really pay close attention.


As Malaysia has a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian inhabitants there is an abundance of great food on offer.

I woke up late on my second day thanks to the jet lag but had signed up for a  guided food tour the hostel arranged. One of the staff took us to the local farmers markets and some of the best places to eat & divulge in typical Malay cuisine.

This was for sure my favourite part of my stay, obviously!

I am full to the brim as I write this….

In total we tried around 18 different dishes! Our guide told us that the Malaysians love to eat and on average eat about 6 times a day, this was soon becoming apparent.

Just as we left for our food tour the heavens opened, it was sort of refreshing but then follows the humidity.


First we tried a dish called Rojak which was a delicious salad served with a sweet sauce. It included peanuts, coconut fritters and some tofu.

After this we, we played ‘guess whats in the soup game’.

It was a really rich broth packed with flavour. Initially we all thought it was Lamb and rabbit. We then discovered it was beef tongue and quail, the broth boiled for 5 hours with some cartilage and other animal parts thrown in. This guy’s stall is one of the busiest street food stalls in the area…


Those are chicken testicles…..The soup was delicious though!

We had a variety of other dishes along the way. Passing through the market we tried the ‘stink bean’ not really that greta to taste either.

The worst of all was the’Durian’, a local fermented fruit favourite. I wasn’t a fan. The texture was just as bad as the taste but the Malaysians seem to love it. It is actually banned on public transport which I think says it all.

A few steps later we had some little rice bundles with a choice of dishes. The beef lung was not particularly nice, but at least I tried it.

Beef rendang was among the favourites, slow cooked an delicious with a hint of Kaffir lime leaf. The Onde-Onde dumplings were also really good, made from rice flour and coconut milk  with some palm sugar and steamed in bamboo. I could see tapioca flour working for a paleo version. They were like donuts but lighter in texture. Yum!


A ‘Western’ influenced, Ramley burger was also a genius creation. The omelette wrapped burger… breakfast at home will never be the same again! This was a stall started in KL which grew so popular it’s now a chain! The original stand still remains which is where we tried it.

It’s safe to say by the end we were stuffed, but still had room for the rice and coconut squid dessert. Yes, dessert. A little palm sugar makes anything a dessert apparently.

Thanks to Back Home Hostel for a wonderful stay and a great evening around Kuala Lumpur, it was such a great experience!



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  1. Wow your 3 months Malaysian experience starts off really strong with this incredible food tour!! Looking forward to more reading! Enjoyyyyyyyyy!!!

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