Nia Cooking School – Seminyak, Bali


Aside the wonderful beaches, temples and colour you’ll find across Bali, I was really excited to try the food!

After a few days in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, I was headed straight to Bali, first stop Seminyak, you can read more about Seminyak here.

After exploring the sights and scenes of Seminyak, I really wanted to try and learn a little about local cuisine.

Nasi Goreng is definitely a favoured dish in Bali. Super cheap and easy, you can get hold of a delicious portion of this egg and rice goodness for a mere 60p in any local ‘Warung’.

After a little research, I decided to visit the Nia Cooking School. I would highly recommend! It was really entertaining and informative, not to mention delicious! It is safe to say we left full to the brim.

Our teacher was a Chef, named Bagus,  with over 25 years experience in cooking Balinese cuisine throughout various countries. He was such a character and really took the time to get to know us and what kind of foods we eat.

Bagus - Nia cooking school Bali.jpg

First we visited  a local food market. Although the school we went to go to a bigger market which is open 24 hours closer to Denpasar, this market was still as thriving and exciting. So much unusual fruit and vegetables on offer and filled with vibrant colours.



On the menu was;

Base bi siap – yellow chicken paste

Ayam Betutu Bali- banana leaf chicken

Be Celeng  Base Manis- sweet pork stew

Sate Ayam- chicken satay

Base Sate – Peanut Sauce

Sate Lilit Ikan- Mahi Mahi Sate

Tum Ayam- minced chicken banana leaf parcels

Lawar Gedang Ayam- Green Papaya  Salad with Chicken

Gado Gado – vegetable salad with peanut sauce

Urab Jagung – sweet corn and coconut snack

Mie Goreng – noodle dish



The best part was eating all the delicious food we made….Here I am, stuffing my chicken!

Cooking school Bali.jpg

These were the rewards from our morning of cooking;


The best part about the dishes are the fresh and fragrant flavours of kaffir, lemongrass and galangal. Learning about the staple ingredients I had to put these flavours into something Paleo and delicious to take me back to my days in Bali.

I had to try a Paleo inspired dish as soon as I got home.


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 08.43.49

The best part about the dishes are the fresh and fragrant flavours of kaffir, lemongrass and galangal. All using coconut cream or milk with a few tweaks they are really Paleo friendly!

As soon as I have a kitchen I will share a Paleo recipe 😉

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